My trip to Oslo, Norway

I think once you travel solo once, there’s literally no going back. After my trip to Germany last month, I couldn’t wait to hop on another flight and start exploring some more. I decided to go to Oslo, Norway. A city notorious for its high prices but beautiful atmosphere.  Continue reading My trip to Oslo, Norway

My first solo travel trip – Dusseldorf

It’s been a whirlwind, but I’ve finally started travelling on my own. Something my anxious self never thought I would be able to do. Deciding to take the plunge and travelling alone has really been an act of self-care for me. Realising that I don’t need anybody else to catch a flight, anywhere in the world, is really exhilarating.

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Are you taking stress into the weekend?

A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday night, I kept myself awake, dreading going into work; my brain was haunted by the big list of to-dos I had waiting for me on my desk. As the weekend came I vividly remember not feeling even a little excited (I know this seems like such a first world problem)…I wasn’t excited because waiting there for me as I left the office was a big list of to-dos waiting for me to tackle on Monday. Continue reading Are you taking stress into the weekend?

How to get out of a rut

We’ve all probably found ourselves in some kind of rut; feeling stuck, unmotivated or unsatisfied with life or aspects of your life like your job, relationship etc. It’s completely normal to start to feel this way, especially in the age of social media where we compare ourselves to everybody’s fabricated lives.

Many times I have found myself in a mental prison, with no hope or motivation to get out. Over time I have researched and found my own ways to cope. Here they are.

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How I work 9-5 and freelance

They always seem to be kind of mutually exclusive situations – either you work full time or you freelance, but I do both. I won’t lie and say that its easy but I’ve definitely found a balance and a routine which gets me through it. I’ve needed a lot of motivation and ultimately I always put myself as number one – if I really don’t feel like writing after a long day at work then chances are that I won’t. But for the most part, in my spare time I will freelance – and its really becoming something I enjoy. Continue reading How I work 9-5 and freelance

48 hours in Nuremberg

I booked a spontaneous trip to Nuremberg last week, something I’ve wanted to do for a while but didn’t have the courage. I don’t really know what eventually made me click the ‘book’ button but I’m so glad I did. Continue reading 48 hours in Nuremberg

What I’ve learnt about money from my 21 years on earth

University really was a learning curve for me. A curve that meant my broke self would see £0 in my bank as an excuse to go on a night out because….it couldn’t any worse, right? Even the shame of my bank ringing me on a Saturday morning saying; “we think there has been fraudulent activity on your card” only to recite about 15 payments of £4.99 vodka lemonades made entirely by me didn’t stop me from being completely irresponsible with my money. Continue reading What I’ve learnt about money from my 21 years on earth

I tried to live waste-free for a week and it was basically impossible

We’re all completely aware of the terrifying waste problem that is affecting our precious earth every single day, and although it might seem like we’re doing the most by signing online petitions to stop plastic straws, our planet needs us to do more.

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