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My trip to Oslo, Norway

I think once you travel solo once, there’s literally no going back. After my trip to Germany last month, I couldn’t wait to hop on another flight and start exploring some more. I decided to go to Oslo, Norway. A city notorious for its high prices but beautiful atmosphere.  Continue reading My trip to Oslo, Norway

Are you taking stress into the weekend?

A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday night, I kept myself awake, dreading going into work; my brain was haunted by the big list of to-dos I had waiting for me on my desk. As the weekend came I vividly remember not feeling even a little excited (I know this seems like such a first world problem)…I wasn’t excited because waiting there for me as I left the office was a big list of to-dos waiting for me to tackle on Monday. Continue reading Are you taking stress into the weekend?

What I’ve learnt about money from my 21 years on earth

University really was a learning curve for me. A curve that meant my broke self would see £0 in my bank as an excuse to go on a night out because….it couldn’t any worse, right? Even the shame of my bank ringing me on a Saturday morning saying; “we think there has been fraudulent activity on your card” only to recite about 15 payments of £4.99 vodka lemonades made entirely by me didn’t stop me from being completely irresponsible with my money. Continue reading What I’ve learnt about money from my 21 years on earth