Content marketing services

Social media marketing services

Social media marketing isn’t an easy concept to grasp. How can you use platforms that are designed for personal use, to market your company?

With the social media marketing plan, you will get a thorough analysis of what platforms to use, how to use them, and content creation. This will increase your following AND engagement organically.

If you’re looking for social media services in Preston and surrounding areas, hiring a freelance is the best option for you.

Blogging services

Blogging is an essential part of content marketing. With this this package, you will receive blog posts that are relevant, informative, and high quality – elements which all help you rank higher on search results.

All blogs will be Search Engine Optimised – including (but not limited to) keyword research and inbound and outbound links.

Content marketing package

If you’re looking for a cheap content marketing package, this is the most cost-effective package for you.

An all-in one digital marketing package, which includes social media, blogging, writing newsletters, and competitor analysis. Customise this to suit your business and your needs.

Setting up content planning platforms such as Trello is also included in this, which allows you to keep up to date and still have autonomy.

Brand Journalism

Marketing through journalism and storytelling is a service offered. If you’re looking for a brand journalist, who will write a story-based article, on your company – this will be the package for you.

With help deciding between brand journalism vs content marketing, you can find out if brand journalism articles are the marketing avenue for you.

All correspondence will be completed through email.

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