Why you should hire a freelancer over an agency

As you’ll probably know, freelancers have been thriving lately. They work on their own terms, control their own finances, and pick their own work. It’s a desirable lifestyle – one which other companies need to focus on. 

There was a time when agencies were the go-to call for companies. Say, if they wanted writing work, marketing work, or artwork – contact an agency. While that is still true, a shift in the world has made freelancers an equally popular choice. 

A new, digital environment increased the number of freelancers. With more flexibility and concentrated skills, they offer certain skills and characteristics that agencies just can’t. 

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As a result, agencies are actually losing their own talent, as their workers choose to go down a freelancer path. Companies, therefore, cannot find the talent they need from these agencies, at a reasonable price. 

So, why should you hire a freelancer over an agency? 

1. Freelancers are cheaper than agencies 

When you hire an agency, you’re paying an agency price. Understandably, agencies have more obligations which cost more money – office bills, employee wages, etc. It makes sense, then, that agencies have to charge a higher price. 

Freelancers can charge a lower price, as their outgoings are much smaller. It’s that simple. 

2. More personal experience 

Agencies lack that personal touch to the business relationship. They’ll have a list of client documents and tasks. 

While some agencies might say that freelancers “chat more and work less”, that’s not entirely true – they just chat more. They have more time to chat and work each day. Thus, they have more time to chat about your specific needs, tone, and desires. 

That’s a positive, not a negative. 

3. More flexibility 

Agencies usually work from a 9-5 basis. They don’t work on weekends. They have set lunch breaks. 

Freelancers are available 24/7 – they’ll be able to work around your schedule. No more “out of office” emails – you’ll get a quick reply, whenever, wherever. Even over the holidays. 

4. Save time 

When you hire a freelancer, you’ll usually pick one that focuses on what you’re looking for. For instance, do you want a content writer? Hire a content writer. Do you need a graphic designer? Hire a graphic designer. 

When you contact an agency, it’s very likely you’ll have to make your way through their house of professionals. They’ll make multiple phone calls, and constantly try to pitch other pieces of work to you. 

Freelancers will do what you ask, suggest improvements, and help you enhance your company. No faff. 

5. You can focus on your company 

I can only speak for myself here, but I will take all the workload of a task, with no hesitation. 

You won’t have to have weekly calls with me (unless you want that), no more correspondence emails, or lengthy checkups. I will complete the work you want, so you can focus on other aspects of your company. 

When you hire an agency, you’re essentially adding another team to your company, which can become a strain. 

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6. They’re still professionals 

Remember, freelancers are still professionals. Often with a vast array of experience under their belt. They also have personal experience working with clients, rather than a passive relationship. 

Actually, freelancers are a lot more specialised. They’ll have a certain niche that will work for you perfectly. 

7. Everything is handled remotely 

Agencies will often require a physical meeting. Their office may be far away from your office. This is a limitation, again making you lose time. 

Freelancers will usually correspond over email, they’re trained that way. They will also conduct virtual video calls through Skype or Zoom. It’s much more efficient and will usually last less than an hour. 

All in all, there are pros and cons to using both – that I won’t deny. However, if you want a specialised task completed, for a must lower price, a freelancer is your best option. 

I hope you found those 7 reasons why you should hire a freelancer useful If you’re looking to hire a freelancer UK, contact me by clicking this form here. 

Freelance content writers, like me, will be able to leverage your website and social media. 

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