3 days in Gothenburg

I’ve wanted to go to Sweden for the longest time. So, when I was given a chance to take a trip to Gothenburg – I jumped on it.

With my work in such full force, I decided to use Sweden as a pitstop – a chance for me to chill out and relax.

Surprisingly, it has become one of my favourite places.

I had 4 plans while in Sweden:

  • Shopping
  • Sightseeing
  • Sleeping (something I don’t get much of)
  • Hiking

And so with 3 days there, I successfully managed to tackle all 3, and felt super rejuvenated afterwards.

So, if you’re looking for a super chill but fantastic time, here is my 3-day itinerary to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Day one

My Day began with a trip to the Palm House. I only did a tiny bit of research for Gothenburg, and everywhere told me to take this trip.

It didn’t disappoint. The Palm House was really amazing. Not only that, but the gardens (Slussgaten) is also pretty incredible. You get to walk around a beautiful flower garden, sit down and enjoy a coffee, and admire exotic plants.

The Palm House is essentially a giant greenhouse. They have a balcony with a seating area upstairs, and a handful of rooms to explore.

If you’re a big cactus fan, this is a must-visit place for you.

Walking around the gardens and Palm House will take up an hour or two of your day, but it’s still so relaxed. I recommend you visiting this in the morning, just to introduce yourself to the city.

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After that, I took a trip to the Modern Art Museum. Gothenburg is an incredibly young city, which is shown through its collection of modern and abstract statues and artwork around the city.

I absolutely relished in the Modern Art Museum – they had exhibitions on that looked at climate change, crossing borders, capitalism, and the indigenous Sami community. I was so in my element.

Day two

Day two had a tiny bit more structure. I had booked a walking tour – something I always try to do when visiting a new city. It gives me the chance to meet new people, learn about the city, and find cute places to eat and drink.

Before the walking tour, I took part (momentarily) in a climate change protest. Gothenburg was named the most sustainable city in the world, and so taking part in such a historical protest, in such a fantastic city was a personal highlight of mine.

The walking tour was completely free, albeit an optional tip at the end. It was two hours long, which completely flew by. We found out about the history of the city -dating way back to its first-ever king.

I won’t give too much away, as there’s no reason for you to enjoy the walking tour then. However, my favourite part was definitely the trip to Haga. This was a working-class town, which is now one of the oldest locations in Gothenburg.

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It’s incredibly conserved and has the most beautiful stores lined up. It’s here that I enjoyed my first ever Fika (the name for a relaxing coffee break in Sweden).

After this, we stayed in Haga and browsed through the shops. Of course, I was drawn to the one which had an array of dream catchers and chakra wall hangings.

Day 3

Day three was spent hiking in the Archipelago islands, finished with a day of shopping in the shopping centre, Nordstan.

The Archipelago islands are stunning, and it’s also incredible to see a location that has no cars at all. Also, walking through the little villages made me want to drop everything and live off the grid.

We took a ferry to and from the islands, after hiking and also catching rays on the rocks. Gothenburg actually has over 20 islands, that you can explore. If I had more time, I would have loved to check out a few more. We travelled from Salthomen to Asperö.

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Shopping was a little home comfort, followed by some delicious Asian food at Yanking Restaurant. Also, being vegan in Gothenburg was surprisingly easy – they had lots of vegan options in cafes and restaurants.

Transportation in Gothenburg

Public transport was super easy, with the help of our little app, Västtrafik. This allows you to catch any public transport system – train, tram, bus or ferry – as long as it’s in the 90-minute time slot. It’s super affordable and made everything so easy. 

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Uber is also a solid back-up plan, which is always comforting in case you get super lost.

I hope this 3 day Gothenburg itinerary helps you. It’s such a laid-back, beautiful city that you should just embrace its relaxed nature.  Let me know if you need any suggestions or any help. 

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