My trip to Oslo, Norway

I think once you travel solo once, there’s literally no going back. After my trip to Germany last month, I couldn’t wait to hop on another flight and start exploring some more. I decided to go to Oslo, Norway. A city notorious for its high prices but beautiful atmosphere. 

Day one

Okay, technically my first day there was arriving at the airport at about 11pm, making my way to the accommodation and sleeping, but that’s boring. My first full day there was spent nipping in and out of shops. As I was actually staying in Fagerstrand (a ferry trip away) I wanted to make sure I knew exactly where I was going and how to get there. I took a long walk through the wood trials, even though there was a storm, it was still beautiful.

I ended the trip curled up in a blanket, listening to the storm through my wood cabin.


Day two 

Day 2 was probably my favourite day. I started the trip of my visiting the National Museum, it was here that I was able to witness Munch’s ‘The Scream’. As well as getting the obligatory selfie with the wonderful work of art, the entire museum was full on little gems and I think I spent the best part of two hours wandering through the relatively small museum.

After grabbing a bite to eat I then made my way down to The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology. Whilst here I witnessed the incredible Folk exhibition, which explored the complexities of race and diversity with humans. There was also eery social media projects and lots of interesting little things, the museum was huge, making up the majority of the rest of my day.

I don’t really feel like I do either of the museum’s justice in words, they were both enlightening and interesting. The type of things that you get so sucked up in, you don’t even realise that you’ve completely used up all the time in the day.

For food, I grabbed some street food from a Thai cart (I know, not very Norwegian of me). The thing is with Norway, there are not many vegetarian options, especially without containing fish, so I had quite slim pickings the whole trip.


Day three

I woke up early and went on a hike, starting from my cabin. The sights were just incredible, the whole atmosphere was relaxing and the entire hike was spent completely off my phone (minus the quick snap I took of the jaw-dropping view). It’s weird, although alone in another country, in some lonely woods, I felt strangely safe. I also just have to mention how much healthier and fresher I felt after spending a few days in Norway – the air is genuinely different, even my skin felt the benefits.

I then headed back into Oslo city and decided to go to the Nobel Peace Centre. This was a truly special moment for me, as I like to dig into political bits every now and then, it was a dream come true. I was able to witness amazing campaigns and exhibitions, as well as spend the time to truly appreciate all the winners of the prize.

After this, I headed down to the harbour promenade and sit on the side with a few churros. I accidentally think I spent at least, like, an hour just chilling and staring into space. This holiday was about rejuvenating myself, fresh starts and all that jazz, so a peaceful water scene was just perfect for me.

I was then taken down to a little fishing village by my Airbnb host. It was genuinely the cutest little place – if I said it felt like Christmas, would you know what I meant?


Day four 

Day 4 was my last day, but luckily my flight was a pretty late one. I started the day early and decided to make a trip to the royal palace. Honestly, I’m not really somebody who’s interested in any royals (I’ll save my opinions for another time). The palace was a beautiful building, but I enjoyed the walk up to it a lot more.

I sat in a vegetarian cafe, people watching, and freelancing for the next couple of hours before I had to make a dash to the airport.


Final thoughts

  • It’s only as expensive as you make it. My whole trip wasn’t anything majorly pricey, I didn’t spend unnecessary amounts of money, but was never left without something to do.
  • As mentioned, there weren’t many vegetarian options and so fellow veggies should be aware of that.
  • As Oslo has such a low population, the whole city is never overrun – which I absolutely loved. It’s calm and beautiful.
  • I would always recommend getting the Oslo Pass. It got me into all the museums and on all the trains, ferries, buses and metro services. It cost me about £70 for 3 days, but I probably saved over double of that by having it.
  • Pack comfy shoes and a warm coat.
  • The app Moovit really was a lifesaver for me the entire trip. Google Maps likes to take you on the most obscure routes for some reason, Moovit gives you the best public transport route.

I fell in love with Norway on my short trip here, next stop – Bergen.

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