My first solo travel trip – Dusseldorf

It’s been a whirlwind, but I’ve finally started travelling on my own. Something my anxious self never thought I would be able to do. Deciding to take the plunge and travelling alone has really been an act of self-care for me. Realising that I don’t need anybody else to catch a flight, anywhere in the world, is really exhilarating.

I started off safe and stayed with Germany. Everybody speaks English, everywhere is friendly and, really, it’s not that much different to England. I spent 4 days in Dusseldorf – it’s a beautiful city, known for its artistic and fashionable scene. After visiting Nuremberg, I could see a major difference. Although, still gorgeous Nuremberg was a lot more traditionally, well, German.

Dusseldorf was gorgeously modern, with insane buildings towering over like something out of a sci-fi movie. I loved being able to walk around, wake up whenever I want and just be on my own schedule. Obviously, Dusseldorf isn’t much of a touristy city – but that actually made it nice. I could walk around without being pestered or talked to, I could literally just have a few days off to just sit in cafes, explore and appreciate the incredible architecture.

When you’re such an anxious person, travelling alone seems like a myth. What if you get lost? What if you lose something? What if you get kidnapped?…Basically a bunch of “what ifs” flood your brain. This alongside everybody around you telling you dangerous it is, that girls shouldn’t travel alone and that something will happen. The fact is, something could happen to me on my way to pick up some coffee, in England. If you have an urge to travel alone, or your friends can’t go with you, my advice is to just go for it.

I had the best time just wandering around little streets, trying to find my way around, working out tickets and trying to translate menus. It’s a really great little experience and one that I will be doing again and again.


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