Styling the Dad trainer trend

My mum always warns me when I’m throwing out old clothes that “fashion does a 360”. However, the new Dad trainer trend completely surprised me. Ugly dad trainers have never been in fashion, so why are spongey, chunky trainers absolutely everywhere now?

At first, I was a little bit sceptical, but I’ve found a new fondness for comfy trainers after suffering for about years in heeled boots. So, I thought I’d give it a shot. Now, I wasn’t going to fork out £800 for a pair of Balenciaga shoes, so I got the closest and cheapest dupe from a shop called IKrush. They have a lot of super cool and cute clothes to choose from, some of which did tempt me a little bit, but I knew that it was kind of the BooHoo effect (cheap, Instagram-esque clothes) that I’ve finally realised after many years just really aren’t my style. However, trainers matched with “formal wear” is definitely up my street.

Trainers or any kind of shoes you can style in your own way, which is kind of what I tried to do. Here are some of my looks.

The full dad look


Denim on denim + dad trainers = an absolute Dad outfit. But I’m loving it. A bit more, like, hipster than I usually wear but I felt comfortable.

Summer vibes


Airy, comfy and still very much my style – the dad trainers definitely made this outfit. Sometimes, all an outfit needs to undergo a transformation is a pop of colourful, casual footwear.

Office wear


I think I can define my style as casual office…even when I’m out of the office. Honestly, the easiest way to to make a seemingly formal look instantly casual is by adding trainers. It doesn’t matter what it is; blazer suit, maxi dress, trousers, skirt… add the trainers.



Last but not least is just the outfit that I would most likely wear. It’s a simple, semi-formal, semi-not so formal. It’s kind of my go-to and I really love it. All in all a massive hats off to the dad trainer trend. It’s a unique but easy one to follow and I’m totally for it.

You’ll definitely see me wearing the dad trainers (and many other types of footwear) on my Instagram, so check it out.

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