How to get out of a rut

We’ve all probably found ourselves in some kind of rut; feeling stuck, unmotivated or unsatisfied with life or aspects of your life like your job, relationship etc. It’s completely normal to start to feel this way, especially in the age of social media where we compare ourselves to everybody’s fabricated lives.

Many times I have found myself in a mental prison, with no hope or motivation to get out. Over time I have researched and found my own ways to cope. Here they are.

Nothing is permanent

One thing I have always struggled to grasp is the fact that nothing is permanent. Sometimes, this can hit you in quite a negative way and nostalgia will creep up on you. Other times you can use it to benefit you. Now, I won’t feed you that mantra of “you are in complete control and if you don’t like it get out of it”, I’ll be the first to admit that uprooting your life and everything in it is a lot harder than it seems. That being said, it is important to remember that in time, you can change your job, where you live, who you are with etc.

One of my friends dyed her hair bright pink when she fell into a rut, it was a simple reminder to her that everything is changeable and in some way or another you can transform something – the power is in your hands.

If you want something a little less, well, pink to remind you that you are powerful then you can start changing up little aspects of your life. Start a new hobby, start volunteering, rearrange your furniture, apply for new jobs.


I know what you’re thinking; oh god, yet another mindfulness preach. I was exactly the same until I realised that mindfulness is about much more than just lighting some incense and doing some yoga.

Mindfulness is about being in the present, and it really helps me get out of a rut. Instead of dwelling on mistakes or issues that have happened in the past, or putting off doing something until a certain day – just think about yourself now, in this present moment. Are you really making the most out of your minutes at the moment?

Side note: Lighting incense and indulging in a facemask also really helps me get through.

Healthier lifestyle

When your body is feeling sluggish, your mind will begin to catch on. It’s still a work in progress for me but eating healthier and exercising regularly has meant that I have a lot more energy and motivation to get up and do something.

Eating a few more veggies, swapping pop for water and ten-minute workouts at the end of your working day will make you feel more alive. When I’ve been really unmotivated I still try and drag myself up and blast through a workout – a simple thing that reminds me that I can do anything, as long as I get up and do it.

Diary and lists

I work full time, freelance, volunteer and still attempt to keep a bustling social life. This basically means that I need to keep track of everything. However, never let your to-do lists restrict you from living your best life. I have very often chosen to go out with my friends rather than complete another task that I wrote in my diary – it’s really a call of judgement from yourself. Never put off doing anything that will inevitably stress you out more, get those big tasks done straight away and then you can relax – you’ll thank yourself.

What I’ve found is, in the same way, it’s super easy to fall into a rut, if you start being motivated and getting loads done, you’ll love that feeling and carry on doing it. It might be a bit of a force at first, but don’t let that slippery slope back down to the rut become more appealing.

For me, when I’ve been at my worst, I’ve always tried to progress in some kind of way. Last time, I set up a Feminist Club which not only distracted me but proved to be extremely worthwhile.

Social Media Break

The best thing I do for myself every single day is put my mobile in a drawer and leave it alone. As a social media manager and marketing administrator, my phone has the potential to control every aspect of my life and so getting away from it helps. Putting it on do not disturb and going to sleep at a reasonable hour (something I didn’t do in University) gives me more energy and a calmer peace of mind.

Social media, as great as it is for opportunities and inspiration can be extremely overwhelming. Seeing people with seemingly better lives than you every single day on a screen can just be disheartening. Look up to successful people but always take their social media posts with a bit of salt. People only ever post what they want people to see.

Set goals

6-month plans are always a good idea, even if its something simple like you’d have saved enough for a holiday or become fitter. Never make your goals overly ambitious.

I’ve researched the Law of Attraction and it has really helped me become a more positive person. If you spend every day reminiscing on what could have been then you will start to attract negativity into your life. If you focus on progress, happiness and your goals you will attract positivity and will, therefore, be more likely to achieve what you want.

There will be setbacks, that’s life, but how you choose to overcome these will define you every single day. In order to grow, it has to rain sometimes.

These are all extremely personal to me, the purpose of me writing this is to help even a tiny bit. If they don’t work for you, don’t give up, you will find your own coping mechanisms just like I did. Don’t worry. 


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