48 hours in Nuremberg

I booked a spontaneous trip to Nuremberg last week, something I’ve wanted to do for a while but didn’t have the courage. I don’t really know what eventually made me click the ‘book’ button but I’m so glad I did. Admittedly a big factor in my sudden rush of courage was the fact that the return flights from Manchester were so low – it would be more expensive for me to travel to London than a flight to Germany. But also just this overwhelming desire to visit Germany, a country I’ve been interested in since trying to learn the language about 6 years ago (with not much success).


I arrived on a Friday night and although I initially had plans to have a meal out, I jumped straight into bed (at a lovely Airbnb) and fell asleep. I was a bit nervous about transportation but with the big help from google maps, it was so incredibly easy and straightforward.


Saturday morning I was kindly woken up to an amazing breakfast, courtesy of Martha, my Airbnb host, which was absolutely amazing and has given me a new found love for pretzels. She then kindly drove me to the underground, as the bus wouldn’t have given me the Tagstticket (a cheap ticket which would allow me to travel everywhere in the city by bus or metro for just €8). I feel a little bit blessed to have been staying at such a wonderful person’s Air BnB and now I know my expectations for my next travel are way too high but completely worth it.

We spent the day walking up to the Nuremberg castle which was just wonderful, an amazing view and just super cool to be walking through. We checked it out and could see which parts of the castle were restored (after the war) and it was just amazing. We walked through Altstadt and then got the metro to the Nuremberg Nazi Trial museum which I cannot recommend more for anybody visiting. We got an English tour, and it was an experience that I will never forget.

We then spent the night in the bustling city centre, after looking around the shops and also being turned away from restaurants because we hadn’t booked. Oops.


I woke up with such a heavy heart knowing that I was leaving a city that I could comfortably live in. We decided to walk back up to castle for one last look (which was difficult with my big rucksack), had coffee right next to the castle and made our way home. It was such a wonderful experience and I want to return already.


I was actually amazed by how super simple the whole city was to transport around. I’ve been confused in London many times and all that is in plain English, I even had a bit of a struggle in Rome when the tube was closed one night. But with a little help from Google Maps, we got from A to B with absolutely no struggle. This has really upped my confidence for when I inevitably start travelling alone.

Biggest Recommendations

  • Visit the Nuremberg castle, read the signs and check out the amazing view. We went quite early on both days and seemed to miss the busy times.
  • Go to the Nazi Trials museum – it’s eye-opening, emotional and informative. It was only an hour long but will say with me a lifetime.
  • Go to Altstadt and look at all the architecture, take some photos really take in the very rare surroundings.
  • Go shopping in one of the best shopping areas I’ve visited, with the mixture of high-end designers and cheap souvenir shops, it probably isn’t great for your bank balance though.
  • 48 hours was enough for us to see everything in Nuremberg but a little bit longer would have been excellent. I was so sad to leave.

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