Utrecht and Amsterdam

So, this was like over a month ago but I’ve finally got round to posting about my amazing (short) trip to Utrecht and Amsterdam. 

Visiting Dave in Utrecht was always inevitable but for some reason, I put it off for so long, I spent 4 days there and one of those days was spent in Amsterdam, it was an incredible trip and I honestly cannot wait to return and explore even more places.

Okay, so completely off the bat I would say that, although technically they shouldn’t be compared, I did ‘prefer’ Utrecht – it was so much more traditionally Dutch, there was a beautiful calmness, it was bustling in a none touristy way and the views were just so much nicer. I can only explain it in the same way I prefer Manchester over London. Both Amsterdam and London have become impersonal tourism regions, which don’t seem to reflect any culture or tradition as other cities. Also, Amsterdam is a tenfold more expensive. That being said, Amsterdam was an absolutely amazing experience in its how right and I can totally see why it has become so popular. It’s just having my own little tour guide around a quainter, more traditional city was priceless to me.


So, I travelled everywhere by bike which is a big change for me, I can’t even remember the last time I went on a bike before Utrecht. But when I say absolutely everybody was travelling by bike I am not exaggerating – the rumours are completely true.


I went at the start of December so I was lucky enough to catch both cities when they had Christmas lights up, I dipped in some Christmas shopping and was able to dress adorably wintery. Of course, the canals were absolutely incredible – especially (sorry) in Utrecht.

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I feel like the Netherlands have a reputation for being the place where you can smoke things, and Amsterdam especially has targetted this. Utrecht on the other hand never touches on this, and you’ll notice that the Dutch people couldn’t care less about that either.

I will definitely visit again, and check out both the cities at a different season because they were both amazing.

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