Roaming around Rome

My favourite places to visit are cities – I’m too hyperactive to sunbathe all day and the thought of a drinking holiday makes me feel weirdly anxious (no offence to all the Ibiza lovers). Rome has always been on my bucket list and I’m so glad I can now cross it off.

Okay, so I had to start work soon after and so I  could only spend four days exploring Rome, which made it incredibly short but sweet. The fact that I was in a little bit of a rush made me more inclined to make the absolute most of my time there, and because of that, I would not change a thing.

So, I made sure I visited all the attractions considered popular, so although I didn’t necessarily do anything ‘quirky’ it was still such an amazing experience. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing the stereotypical ‘touristy’ things, especially the first time you visit somewhere. A little warm up to a city like this could be all you need to fall in love with it, which is exactly what happened. Now a house in Italy is on my list of when-I’m-rich dreams.

Places I visited:

  • Coliseum
  • Vatican City (including the Sistine Chapel)
  • Spanish Steps
  • Roman Forum
  • Trevi Fountain

Also, I wandered around the streets of Rome and made sure I ate enough pizza and pasta to feed a small family for a month. One tip I will give you is, make sure to book tickets in advance as I can only imagine how unbearable queuing in the Italian heat would be.


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