My Trip to Turkey -Fethiye

Over summer I spontaneously decided to book flights with my best friend and make my way to Turkey for some sun and fun.

I stayed in a villa on Chalis beach and it was just wonderful. I was lucky enough to be visiting with somebody who is basically a Turkey veteran after holiday-making there since she was about ten-years-old with her family.

Chalis Beach at sunset

One thing I will say, if you’re looking for a holiday that is rich in Turkish culture and different traditions, Chalis, Fethiye or Ölüdeniz are probably not the places you would want to visit. These locations are extremely westernised, with the classic fake shops that emulate Topshop or Gucci. However, it was comforting to see a little bit of home – so far away from home.

The beautiful colours in Ölüdeniz


The people I met were so lovely and talking to them was extremely interesting. Many spoke about the complete decrease in the amount of tourists which were visiting, completely heartbreaking considering just how gorgeous and lovely the whole area was – and that so many people completely depend on tourists for their businesses to continue running.


The classic tourist photo  ft. the giant mountains surrounding us


I also had the privilege of visiting during Eid, which was an unintentional but amazing choice. The Turkish people all had a holiday filled with dancing and pure happiness. The atmosphere was so amazing, the only way I could describe it would be in the most uncultured way possible – but it was very similar to the Christmas atmosphere only a lot sunnier.


A few cute, little backstreet stalls


Obviously, there were hidden gems along the way which weren’t so much Westernised as the rest, the food was amazing and everything did seem to be just that little bit more organic. Exploring, we did find little quirky shops and stalls.

There isn’t much use for umbrellas in Turkey – apart from creating a bit of shade
If I had more luggage for the airport, I genuinely think I would have bought everything

My favourite places were the big blue sea at Ölüdeniz – especially when a paraglider nearly fell directly on me, the gorgeous Fethiye but I cannot decide whether I preferred it in the day or night time, and of course the umbrella beach in Chalis where I just stayed for hours forgetting all my worries. Oh, and there were stray (but don’t worry, extremely healthy and happy) dogs everywhere which just made my entire trip.

Getting attached to a stray dog



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