So, this is really, really late but I’ve finally decided to write a post about my time in London – which was in June! This is a very delayed post but better late than never.

Can you believe that the first time I visited the capital of my country was when I was 19 years old, I don’t know what took me so long. I was there for 5 days in June and I had very high expectations.


First of all, I do have little issues with being in crammed areas and so London transport was not my favourite thing. I spent the week travelling on my own and so travelling was a bit daunting and confusing at first. I did visit most places on my own and I am awful with directions so this was also sometimes messy and scary.

I did visit most of the famous landmarks and they were extremely beautiful. The Big Ben even noisily interrupted one of my Instagram videos. I did find central London very beautiful and clean. I also walked past a cafe which I saw on a post by one of my favourite ever bloggers and did get shamelessly excited about that.


My favourite part of the trip was probably the shopping, living in a very small city seeing Zara excites me. nevermind actually being able to walk into designer shops.


I would like to visit again, maybe next time with a bit of company so I can be the true tourist that I really am. I realised that it doesn’t matter where you are in England there are gorgeous places to visit and see, the ‘London’ label, I believe,  just makes these places more talked and raved about.

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